Mark Berry - Biography

I have been a furniture maker for over 25 years, and a luthier for the last six. Sonoma county, California, where I live and work, is noted for it's many talented guitar makers and its active luthier community. I was trained at Luthiers School International, and am indebted to the continued support of Harry Fleishman of Fleishman Instruments, as well as a number of other fine luthiers. I am a member of both the Guild of American Luthiers and the Northern California Association of Luthiers. The quality of my guitars has been recognized by a number of professional musicians and I sell my instruments to them and to their students. I play guitar with Sara Maria Flamenco, a local flamenco troupe, and understand the needs of an active guitarist for an instrument, that is a pleasure to play, as well as, to hear. I love to build guitars, and I feel extraordinarily fortunate to do what I love while making a contribution to the living world of music.

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